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Specialist Techniques

This complimentary eBook is available exclusively to delegate on the L of a way 2 Pass Accredited Instructor course. It contains Thought Field Therapy Specialist Techniques, in a handy at a glance guide, for you to use with your learners and for your own Standards Check.  You can use use TFT to reduce such emotions as nerves, anxiety, stress, fear, panic, frustration, anger, intimidation, embarrassment, as well as techniques to increase confidence and self-esteem. Each technique takes no more than two minutes and they can be done at home, during a lesson (parked up of course!) and even in the few minutes at the test centre whilst waiting for the examiner to come out.


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This guide is produced for driving instructors to use in two ways; to share techniques with your pupils to combat nerves and anxiety, but also for PDIs to aid with Part 2/3 nerves and for ADIs to use for their own Standards Checks.  We advise our pupils to treat their test just like a driving lesson, but are we able to do this ourselves? No matter how experienced you are as an ADI, the majority of us still get nervous when it comes to being judged by the examiner.  It doesn’t help when we know that our whole career rides on that one hour exam, and if you are on your third attempt at Part 2/3 or SC, then if you don’t pass, you are waving your career goodbye.

You may have invested a great deal of time and money in training, but if you can’t control your emotions on test, then all that training will be for nothing.  This guide gives you proven psychological interventions that will enable you to reduce the negative emotions that inhibit performance, allowing you to take your part 2/3/SC with confidence in your ability.




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  1. nichola_mcknight1 (verified owner)

    Diane and Chris were amazing! I’m a driving instructor and this course really opened my eyes, really helpful techniques to help with nerves and anxiety. We all know learning to drive can be hard but I know that the techniques that I learned on the course is something I will use everyday, even on myself. I would highly recommend doing this course it would benefit you and your pupils, it really makes you think on a different level. I can’t thank them enough.


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