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A truly exciting and innovative virtual learning platform designed to help you develop invaluable on-road driving skills off-road, prepare for your practical driving test and become a safe driver for life.

The programme offers you access to over 50 state-of-the-art animated Learn to Drive tutorials. Our real-world driving situations in 3D will help you learn quicker and get the most out of your professional driving tuition and private practice. You can train anytime, anywhere – from your PC or mobile device – and then apply what you’ve learned to improve your skills behind the wheel while on the road with your driving instructor.

And that’s not all … We are so confident in our course we offer a money back guarantee that you will pass your driving test!

Discover a better way to learn to drive with the New Driver Programme! Sign up for our online training course today and boost your chances of passing your practical driving test the first time.

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The Course Includes the following …

Preparing to drive:

  • Using the hand controls
  • Parking  Brake
  • Gear Lever
  • Steering Wheel
  • Cockpit drill
  • Door Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Seat belts
  • Moving off, changing gear and stopping safely


  • Hill start
  • Controlled stop move off at an angle
  • Emergency stop


  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse parallel park
  • Bay park 90 degrees
  • Bay park 45 degrees
  • Driving forwards into a parking bay
  • Reversing left into a side road
  • Pulling up safely on the right-hand side of a carriageway


  • Mini roundabout turning left 1st exit
  • Mini roundabout following the road ahead 2nd exit
  • Mini roundabout turning right 3rd exit
  • Double mini-roundabouts


  • Introduction to Crossroads
  • Turning right using turning boxes offside to offside (back to back)
  • Turning right nearside to nearside using turning boxes
  • Turning right using local knowledge
  • Turning right at crossroads but unsure of the location
  • Unmarked crossroads
  • Emerging from crossroads turning right eye contact
  • Traffic lights turning right (With a box junction)
  • Traffic lights turning left (With a box junction)
  • Traffic lights driving ahead (with a box junction)

Everyday Driving:

  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Level crossings
  • Meeting traffic
  • Following distance dry weather driving conditions
  • Following distance wet weather driving conditions
  • Slip road onto dual carriageway increase/decrease speed to fit in with the flow of traffic
  • Road position right-hand bend
  • Road position left-hand bend
  • Queues of traffic, leaving a gap of tyres and 1 metre of tarmac
  • Satellite navigation


  • Introduction to roundabouts treating as a clock face
  • Turning left 1st exit at roundabouts
  • Following the road ahead 2nd exit
  • Following the road ahead 2nd exit from the right-hand lane
  • Turning right with multiple lanes on approach/multiple lanes on the exit
  • Turning right at roundabouts but exiting in the right lane
  • Blockers at roundabouts


  • Approaching junctions turning left
  • Emerging from an open junction turning left
  • Approaching junctions turning right
  • Emerging from a closed junction turning right
  • Emerging from a stop junction
  • Emerging from a one-way street turning right

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  1. Anonymous

    Great course I passed today thank you

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  2. Chris Whitaker (verified owner)

    A little lacking in some detail but effective otherwise

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