Driving Test Cancellations Checker

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Driving Test Cancellation Checker

(Automatically change your driving test on the DVSA website)


Meet Drongo the Bot and his Friends …

driving test cancellation checker

They are workaholics … they don’t stop … every few minutes they look for a Driving Test Cancellation … 24 hours per day … 7 days per week.

Driving test Cancellations checker

Just let Drongo know where and when you want your driving test and he will immediately start searching the DVSA online booking system …


book driving test

He will text & email you when his team finds a Driving Test Cancellation that matches your preferred time, date and location …

Simply reply with “Book” if you want that slot … if not, just ignore the texts and Drongo and his team will keep looking.


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What you need to know:

  • The average number of days we bring your Driving test forward by – 52
  • On Average, it takes us only 3 days to find an earlier date
  • We search every 3 minutes so you can sit back and relax

How does it work?

The concept behind our driving test cancellation checker service is simple: to help you find an earlier practical driving test and get a driving licence as quickly as possible.

  1. Book your test with the DVSA
    Book your practical driving test, note down the test date and booking reference number.
  2. Head to our driving test cancellation checker page and create an account
    Enter your preferences for WHERE and WHEN you want your practical driving test and our bots will immediately start searching for earlier test dates on your behalf.
  3. Start Receiving Earlier Driving Test Dates
    You’ll receive text messages and emails every time our bots find a suitable test. If it works for you, just reply with ‘book’ and we’ll change your test date for you. If any dates and times are not convenient for you, simply ignore the notification and our bots will continue their search until they find you a more suitable driving test slot.
  4. Once your test is booked, check your emails or the DVSA website
    As soon as your practical driving test date is changed, you’ll get an email from DVSA with the updated booking confirmation.


  • Save Time – Tired of refreshing the DVSA web page over and over again in search of an earlier driving test date and can’t find one? Haven’t got the time to look for driving test cancellations yourself? Let our bots do all the hard work for you!
  • Automatic Search -To find you an earlier test date in the quickest possible time, our servers run 24/7 and search the DVSA online booking service every few minutes.
  • Multiple Test Centres – you can choose up to 3 different driving test centres for our bots to search for earlier test dates at.
  • Automatic Reservation –  Our bots will automatically part book the test for you and wait until you confirm to go ahead while holding the place just for you for several minutes.
  • Save Money – Learning to drive is expensive; the sooner you pass your practical driving test, the sooner you can stop spending money on additional driving lessons.
  • Automatic Test Booking – Want us to automatically book an earlier test for you if it matches your preferences? Let us know and as soon as we find a suitable test, we’ll book it for you and send you an immediate confirmation.
  • A Money Back Guarantee – If we can’t find you an earlier practical driving test date, we’ll refund your money in full. We’re that confident about getting you an earlier test!

Is your driving theory test expiring soon?

Need a test real quick, before your theory test expires? Unable to find any available slots at your local driving test centre? Do not despair, there may still be time to get a driving test cancellation at your preferred test centre(s). Sign up with us today and we’ll try to find you one as soon as possible.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great system, Great service, Great result!

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  2. Anonymous

    Work perfect! thanks very much 🙂

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  3. Anonymous

    Absolutely brilliant. Well worth the money.

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  4. Alan Baker (store manager)

    Hi, We have just over a 95% success rate … because we have so many servers running all day, we are very confident in finding any required cancellations that becomes available 🙂

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  5. Anonymous

    Found a test within 2 days that I couldn’t find and I spent hours looking

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  6. Anonymous

    You don’t need to pay for this service and if you have time and little money I wouldn’t, but I tried to find a test for 4 or 5 hours last week before I found one (at a different test centre) I get paid more than minimum wage so therefore it’s cheaper for me to work a 2 hours and purchase this product … conclusion yes it’s worth it!

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  7. Anonymous

    I am a driving Indy and always been skeptical of these products, but my Pupil has used this one because DVSA emailed the day before her test moving it three weeks away. She had been offered four tests using this cancellation checker and we’ve now taken one of them that we can both do. She said it’s easy to use, and got to say I’ve turnrd from being very skeptical to being very impressed

    Diane Hall DVSA(ADI) Stoke on Trent

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  8. sallyruth91 (verified owner)

    I had my test booked for the 2nd of April and it got cancelled the day before, due to the examiner being unavailable. I was gutted and didn’t want to wait too long so I signed up for this. The test centre had rebooked me a new date for the end of April as a replacement and there were absolutely no other dates available to book until the end of may. I started getting texts really quickly, got offered about 5 cancellations and ended up doing my test 16th April. If the dates don’t suit you then you can just ignore the text and they’ll keep checking for you. Great service.

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  9. Anonymous

    Found a driving test within a few hours but I couldn’t find one for over a week

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  10. tony.line

    After 24 hours I had been offered 3 driving test cancellations

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  11. Anonymous

    Can you find me latest in heaton test centre in this month or in January please

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