Mock Theory Test 8

Mock test 8
At the scene of a crash, someone is suffering from a burn. What should you do?
It is illegal to park within __________ of a junction.
Using a hands-free mobile phone while driving may result in?
Front fog lights can only be used when visibility is less than?
You are driving a car with fully-functioning tyres and brakes on a smooth road in dry conditions. Your speed is 40 mph. What is the average distance it will take to come to a complete stop?
If you turn the steering wheel when your car isn't in motion, which part(s) of your vehicle can be damaged?
You are driving behind a learner driver. What should you do?
You are approaching a pelican crossing with a flashing amber light. You should
When you are driving while it is snowing, you need to?
When is it acceptable to leave a time gap of two seconds between your car and the vehicle in front?
As you are planning to make a right turn at a box junction, you see oncoming traffic. What should you do?
What is the best course of action when your rear wheels start to skid?
There are no speed limit signs on the road you are driving on. What would indicate a 30-mph speed limit?
You notice that your eyesight has deteriorated significantly. Your optician is unable to assist you. By law, you must inform
Which of the following measures can help keep your car secure at night?
You are on a dual carriageway when unexpectedly, a blue van cuts into your lane without notice. At this point, you need to?
When you are feeling fatigued, you should stop your car in a safe place as soon as possible and take a break. What should you do in the meantime?
You are about to embark on a long-distance drive. Should you incorporate rest breaks into your journey time?
In order to drive on the road, learner drivers must?
You have been prescribed cough medicine, but you wonder whether this may impair your driving ability. You should?
When preparing to come to a stop, you should?
How can leaving out some gear changes (such as by going directly from second into fourth gear) reduce your fuel consumption?
You wish to turn right. You have indicated but you want to emphasise a difficult right turn on a road carrying fast-moving traffic. What should you do?
Where would you see a contraflow bus and cycle lane?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
On which occasion should you inflate your tyres to more than their normal pressure?
You're towing a small trailer on a busy three-lane motorway. What must you do if all the lanes are open?
You're approaching a zebra crossing where pedestrians are waiting. Which arm signal might you give?
When someone who has been in a collision stops breathing, you need to?
While you are stationary at a level crossing for trains, the red lights continue flashing even though the train has passed. What should you do?
There is an obstruction in your lane, blocking you from moving ahead. What should you do?
In sub-zero temperatures with ice on the roads, how should you handle your vehicle on the approach to a sharp bend?
While driving down a motorway, you notice that red lights are flashing in your lane but not in others. You need to
Which of the following should you NOT keep in your car at all times?
While travelling in a residential area, you are warned that there are speed bumps ahead. What should you do before you reach them?
Why have 'red routes' been introduced in major cities?
You're leaving your vehicle parked on a road and unattended. When may you leave the engine running?
Which of the following may help to deter a thief from stealing your car?
You believe that someone involved in a car crash has sustained back injuries. You should
If your engine catches fire, what should you do?
You're carrying an 11-year-old child in the back seat of your car. They're under 1.35 metres (4 feet 5 inches) tall. What must you make sure of?
In good visibility during the day, a motorcycle rider has switched on his or her dipped headlight. The rider has probably done this
You do NOT need to notify the DVLA if?
After breaking down unexpectedly on the motorway, you need to use an emergency telephone to call for assistance. How can you find one?
Why do MOT tests include a strict exhaust emission test?
What will happen if your car's wheels are unbalanced?
Which type of vehicle does this sign apply to?
What does this sign mean?
You're parked at the side of the road. You'll be waiting some time for a passenger. What should you do?