Mock Theory Test 5

Mock test 5
When are you allowed to wait in a box junction?
What is NOT true about toucan crossing?
In very hot weather the road surface can become soft. What will this affect?
There’s a tractor ahead. You want to overtake but you aren’t sure whether it’s safe. What should you do?
While in peak-hour traffic, you are indicating your intention to turn right. What is the surest way to alert other road users?
What must you have when you apply to renew your vehicle excise licence?
What does the Pass Plus scheme enable newly qualified drivers to do?
While driving, you are behind a long articulated lorry. The vehicle's indicators suggest that the lorry is about to turn left onto a narrow road. What should you do?
A traffic light that is red and amber indicates that
While about to begin a journey, you feel fatigued and have an extremely painful headache. You need to
What should you do when you see two elderly pedestrians about to cross the road ahead?
You’ve just passed your practical test. You don’t hold a full licence in another category. Within two years you get six penalty points on your licence. What will you have to do?
When mustn’t you stop on a clearway?
You can flash your headlights at other drivers only when
Why should you perform checks on your car before beginning a long-distance journey on the motorway?
You’re on a motorway in fog. The left-hand edge of the motorway can be identified by reflective studs. What colour are they?
Before making a right turn to join a dual carriageway, what should you do?
You have just passed your driving test. What must you do before getting on the road?
You’ve just gone through deep water. What should you do to make sure your brakes are working properly?
What’s most likely to cause high fuel consumption?
On which part of a motorway are amber reflective studs found?
When you drive a car, which of the following can cause the most damage to the environment?
Which of the following can lower the cost of car insurance?
When driving on wet surfaces, what is a warning sign that the vehicle isn't gripping the road very well?
When road surfaces are icy, you should drive at a slower speed and
There has been a serious accident, and you arrive on the scene first. What should you NOT do?
While in a residential area and approaching parked cars on the left side of the road, you see a bike wheel in between. You should
You are present at the scene of an accident, and someone is in shock. How should you treat the person?
While driving on the motorway, your car breaks down and you pull over onto the hard shoulder. You need to use your mobile phone to request assistance. You need to
If you are overtaking other vehicles late at night, you need to
The best way to plan a journey in advance is to?
When driving in a built-up area, when must you not use your horn?
Emergency services can be reached by dialling which number?
Which type of vehicle should you be ready to give way to as you approach this bridge?
At a pelican crossing, what must you do when the amber light is flashing?
You’ve had a breakdown on the hard shoulder of a motorway. When the problem has been fixed, how should you rejoin the main carriageway?
In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?
When will your vehicle use more fuel?
Which vehicle is most likely to take an unusual course at a roundabout?
You’re approaching this cyclist waving his right hand. What should you do?
What is an indication of a fault in the anti-lock braking system (ABS)?
In which of these circumstances must you show your insurance certificate?
When must you notify the licensing authority?
You claim on your insurance to have your car repaired. Your policy has an excess of
What must you make sure of before you drive someone else's vehicle?
What will be a serious distraction from driving?
When driving a car fitted with automatic transmission, what would you use 'kick down' for?
A driver's behaviour has upset you. What can you do to safely get over this incident?
What must you NOT do when your see a road sign showing there's a bend sharply to the left?
What hazard should you be aware of when travelling along this street?