Mock Theory Test 4

What is the maximum penalty for speeding on the motorway?
The trailer that you are towing starts to swerve and snake. You should
It has been raining and the road is wet. You should leave a ____________ distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
When must you use your headlights?
If the police want to stop your vehicle they will, where possible, attract your attention by
Which of these is NOT classified as Category A1 vehicle?
Coasting is known to reduce driver’s control. Which of these is not a consequence of coasting?
What is the maximum penalty for not having an MOT certificate?
You are driving along a busy road with vehicles in front and behind you. You see the word ‘Fog’ displayed on a road sign. The road ahead seems clear. You should
What is the minimum tread depth for cars?
What is the name of the system intended to deter drivers and motorcyclists from following unsafe motoring practices?
What is meant by the term ‘Progressive access’?
You really need to park, but the only place that you can see is within the zigzag lines near a pedestrian crossing. When are you allowed to park there?
You are driving down a steep hill and want to go slower. You should
You are driving behind a learner driver when you come to a red traffic light. When it changes to green, the learner driver stalls. What should you do?
What is the typical stopping distance for a car travelling at 70 mph?
You are filling up your tank and you spill some fuel on the forecourt. What do you do?
What is the minimum period of disqualification for dangerous driving or drink-driving?
You need to reverse into a side street. At what point is your car the biggest hazard to passing traffic?
In which of these situations should you use your hazard lights?
You signal your intentions by your direction indicators and
It is compulsory to wear glasses or contact lenses when you drive if
You are involved in a collision in which someone suffers a burn. A burn should be cooled for at least
What is Third-Party insurance?
You are providing emergency care to a casualty. You have cleared their airway and should check their breathing for up to how many seconds?
The warning light for your anti-lock brakes comes on and stays on. You should
You are driving along a slippery road and start skidding after applying the footbrake. What should you do?
You are disqualified for an offence linked to the use of alcohol. What do you have to do to get your licence returned at the end of the period of disqualification?
Where do you find white studs mark?
Your vehicle pulls to one side when braking. What is the problem?
What is the purpose of a catalytic converter?
You are driving down a hill when you notice that there is a car parked on the other side of the road, which is causing an obstruction. There are heavy lorries coming up the hill towards you. What should you do?
One of your passengers is a baby. You are going to place the rear-facing safety seat in the front passenger seat. What must you do first?
You notice that there are pedestrians waiting on the pavement at a zebra crossing. It is obvious that they are waiting to cross. What should you do?
How old do you have to be to drive tricycles with a power output over 15 kW?
How old do you have to be to drive Category AM vehicle?
You are driving on a motorway when you see red lights flashing and a red ‘X’ above your lane. You can see cars queuing past the signal. What does it indicate?
Which of these is not one of the requirements to drive a moped?
Which of the following statements about driving around pedestrians is correct?
Once you're on a zebra crossing, you should
You are driving on a motorway when your vehicle breaks down. You don’t have enough time to take the next exit or pull into a service area. What should you not do?
How many months of imprisonment could result for driving while disqualified in Scotland?
You want to reverse from a side road into a main road. What should you do?
You are a new driver. Your licence can be revoked automatically if
You are driving in icy conditions when you suddenly go into a rear wheel skid. What should you do?
You are driving along when you come across a cyclist. When you overtake, you should give the cyclist as much room as you would a car because
What is the purpose of an Active Traffic Management scheme on a motorway?
You discover that your fuel consumption is higher than it should be. What is the most likely cause of this?
You are driving along a single-track road when it becomes obvious that the car behind you wants to overtake. You should
The 'two-second rule' allows you to