Mock test 2
How many penalty points can you get for a traffic light offence?
You are forced to stop in a tunnel due to stationary traffic. How much space should you leave between you and the vehicle in front?
What is the speed limit for cars towing a trailer, on a single carriageway?
You have taken some over-the-counter medicine. Which of the following is appropriate?
Why should you be particularly careful of electric vehicles?
When driving on a road with a tramway you notice a tram approaching a stop without platform. You must
What does having your registration number etched on all your car windows do?
Once you get your provisional moped licence and complete your CBT training you can ride unaccompanied, with L plates, for up to how many years?
When should you check tyre pressure?
You are driving behind a slow moving vehicle which you want to overtake. When must you not overtake?
You're approaching a red traffic light. What will the signal show next?
What does this sign mean?
You're on a motorway at night, with other vehicles just ahead of you. Which lights should you have on?
At an incident, it's important to look after any casualties. What should you do with them when the area is safe?
You're at the front of a queue of traffic waiting to turn right into a side road. Why is it important to check your right mirror just before turning?
Your vehicle is stationary. When may you use its horn?
When may you use a hand-held mobile phone in your car?
At an incident, what should you do with a casualty who has stopped breathing?
What do traffic-calming measures do?
On a road where trams operate, which of these vehicles will be most at risk from the tram rails?
On a motorway, when should the hard shoulder be used?
What does the law require you to keep in good condition?
You intend to turn left at the traffic lights. What should you do just before turning?
Your vehicle has broken down on an automatic railway level crossing. What should you do first?
When must you use dipped headlights during the day?
How often should you check fluid levels?
How old do you have to be to drive Category A1 vehicle?
It is snowing heavily and the weather conditions are getting worse. What should you do?
Driving test cancellations
What can you use the right lane of the three-lane dual carriageway for?
What is a level crossing?
What should you do when joining the motorway using a slip road?
What can you do to save fuel?
What is the maximum penalty for failing to identify the driver of the vehicle?
You will be disqualified from driving if you get
You are providing emergency care to a casualty. They are unconscious but breathing. What do you do?
You are driving a vehicle fitted with anti-lock brakes. How would you brake in case of an emergency?
Which of these organisations does not provide first aid training?
You were pulled over by the police. What is the first thing you should do?
You are driving along a road and decide to stop on the roadside. You should not
What should you do if your engine overheats?
You decide to drive on a foggy day. What should you do before you set out?
What is the first thing to do when providing emergency care?
What's a common effect of drinking alcohol?
You are a holder of a non-European Community licence and are now resident in the UK. What is the maximum period of time you may drive on that licence?
You are driving along a road when you get dazzled by bright sunlight. What should you do?
You are involved in an accident with a vehicle containing dangerous goods. What is the first thing you should do?
In what case do you apply for SORN?
In which of these conditions will your overall stopping distance increase?
You are approaching a zebra crossing. What should you do?
Which vehicles are exempted from MOT requirement?