Mock test 1
You may drive over a footpath if
If you have to slow down quickly on a motorway because of a hazard, you should
A police officer flashes headlights at you and points left. What should you do?
If you have a collision, which of the following will reduce the risk of neck injury?
While waiting at a pelican crossing, an elderly person begins to cross the street. When the traffic lights turn to green, the person is only halfway across the road. What should you do?
As you are driving, ahead of you is a bus at a designated stop. You should
The first MOT certificate will need to be acquired within __________ of the purchase of a new car.
After a heavy rain fall, the motorway is wet and road spray is affecting visibility and overall driving conditions. You should
You see a pedestrian with a red-and-white stick. That tells you that this pedestrian
When driving through a flooded area, what should you do?
You are driving behind a large goods vehicle. It signals right but starts to move left. You should
For which vehicles should you allow extra room when you overtake?
You're involved in an accident with another vehicle. Someone sustains a neck injury and your vehicle is damaged. What should you find out from the other driver involved?
You are towing a trailer on the motorway. What is the maximum speed at which you can travel?
What is the national speed limit for the outside lane of a motorway?
You are driving down the motorway and planning to turn off at the next junction. Unfortunately, you miss your exit. What should you do?
You must hold your full EC/EEA driving licence for ___ year(s) before supervising a learner driver.
When approaching an unmarked crossroads, who has right of way?
You are going to reverse into a side road, but you aren't sure the area is clear. You should
While at a mini-roundabout, you need to
Someone has injured his or her arm in an accident. The person can move it, but it is bleeding. Why should you instruct the person to keep the arm upright?
You're going down a steep hill. To help control the vehicle, you should
While driving in foggy conditions, you should stay well behind the vehicle in front of you
Which style of driving will cause risk to all on the road?
Your mobile phone rings while you are driving your vehicle. When is it appropriate for you to accept the call?
You are driving in strong winds and wish to overtake a motorcyclist. What should you do?
You are waiting behind a cyclist at a traffic light. When it changes, you should
When you are turning left to enter a side road, which hazard should you watch out for the most?
You are at a railway level crossing and the red light signal carries on flashing after the train has passed. You should
While driving behind a vehicle on a road that is slippery and wet, how large a gap should you leave between that vehicle and yours?
If you have been disqualified from driving, in addition to serving your sentence, what must you do to get a driving licence again?
In which of the following situations should you never overtake cyclists?
You're driving along a country road. A horse and rider are ahead of you. You should
When travelling on icy roads, how should you drive?
Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by faults in the
What should the left-hand lane of a motorway be used for?
A roof rack fitted to your car will cause
While driving on a busy main road, you realise that you are travelling against the oncoming flow of traffic. You should
You are waiting to emerge at a junction but parked vehicles are restricting your view. What can you do to help yourself see?
You are one of the first to help a motorcyclist injured in a traffic accident. Do not remove the person's helmet unless
On a standard three-lane motorway, what is the purpose of the right-hand lane?
If you forget to switch off your rear fog lights even after the fog has cleared, it could
You wish to park in a 40-mph zone with traffic flowing in both directions. At night, you should park
If you are involved in an accident and someone is unconscious, your highest priority will be to
You are involved in a collision while you're driving. What is the first thing you must do?
If your vehicle breaks down inside a tunnel, what should you do first?
You want to park facing downhill. You should
While you are travelling within the legal speed limit, the motorist behind you flashes his or her headlights. What should you do?
While you are travelling within the legal speed limit, another motorist attempts to overtake your car. Should you stop the motorist from doing this?
You must not reverse your vehicle
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