Learn to Drive with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia | Pass Your Driving Test

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** The Dyslexic & Dyspraxia Dilemma eBook is FREE with this course **

If you have dyslexia/dyspraxia this online course will help you to become a safe, confident, and competent driver, when used in conjunctions with your lessons, making learning more enjoyable and less stressful,  and pass your test in fewer repetitive lessons as you will remember more from each lesson!

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Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, is a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 17 years experience helping learners & driving 

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You may be lucky and have an instructor who understands the issues you may face, and who uses different strategies to help you. However, we see so many people who struggle to learn, and become frustrated and disheartened at how long the process is taking, and feel that they will never pass their driving test. It’s a good idea to discuss this course with your instructor and talk to them about the different strategies they can use to aid your learning. It’s important for everyone to be taught in their preferred style, but especially so if you have dyslexia/dyspraxia.  This course contains the Preferred Learning Styles guide (eBook) which you can complete and discuss with your instructor.  It also includes a section on taking responsibility for your learning, making the process much quicker and more enjoyable! 

So often people think dyslexia is ‘just muddling letters up’, but you know it’s so much more than that. From sequencing issues to short term memory problems, from processing and recalling information to muddling up left and right, dyslexia can affect you in many different ways, especially when learning to drive. This course is packed full of techniques to help you to remember more and to make learning to drive much more enjoyable.  Some of the techniques can be used during your lessons and some can be done at home between lessons.  By using this course, you should be able to pass your test in fewer repetitive lessons as you will remember more from each lesson!

Colleen Pearson gives some invaluable advice on the theory test, driving lessons, the practical test and driving after you’ve passed.  Colleen is a dyslexia assessor and tutor but is also dyspraxic herself, so has a unique insight into what it’s like learning to drive with dyslexia & dyspraxia! 



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