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Do you want to feel calm on your driving test? What about feeling confident at busy roundabouts, or on hill starts with cars close behind you? Learn how to take control of your emotions using our unique techniques alongside your lessons

eBook: How to beat Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety


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So, what can you expect from the course?

  • Stress Buster Techniques – combat those test day nerves
  • The key to understanding your mind
  • The Amazing ABC technique to control your thoughts
  • Eliminate fear, panic, intimidation, embarrassment
  • Increase your Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Stop ‘talking yourself into failure’
  • Never muddle up left/right
  • Real life stories from learners

Included in this online course

Introduction: How to get the most out of this course

Involve your instructor & Information for instructors: How best to use this course alongside your lessons

Increasing Confidence: If you are nervous or lacking confidence this will help to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

The Key to Understanding your mind: why your emotions seem to control you and the amazing ABC technique to keep you in control of your emotions!

Are you talking yourself into failure?: How many times do you ‘beat yourself’ up for mistakes… and then focus on them for the whole lesson, or test? This section will help you to put mistakes into context and move on from them!

Psychological Reversal: A simple technique that takes 10 seconds will stop you muddling up left/right, improve your focus, concentration & performance.

Thought Field Therapy: Panic at a hill start? Scared of roundabouts? Frustrated can’t get a manoeuvre correct? Upset over a failed test? Embarrassed or intimidated sitting with an examiner? Learn a technique that can be used to eliminate all these emotions; it can even be used for other exams, tests, interviews outside of driving! .

Eliminating dual carriageway fear: Many of you will relate to this real-life story. Follow Sarah before and after venturing on the dual carriageway for the first time. Experience how Thought Field Therapy techniques were used to eliminate her anxiety, panic, and intimidation, enabling her to drive on dual carriageways with confidence.

FREE eBook:  How to beat Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety

Please note that this Online Course is not intended to replace your lessons, but to enhance them. By using the techniques you will be able to eliminate the negative emotions that affect you on lessons and your test, enabling you to be in control of your emotions not your emotions in control of you!  It is your responsibility to gain confirmation from your instructor that you have the required competence level to take your test; the techniques will then help to you to drive on the test to the same standard as you do on lessons with your instructor, without nerves affecting your performance.

15 reviews for Driving Test Nerves Online Course & eBook

  1. Iqrah Tahir

    I think this book is helpful for learners like myself. I had a test before and I can remember how nervous I was no one realises but you. Reading this book just makes you more aware of nerves and how to overcome them. GREAT Work and I highly recommend it

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  2. Craig Whiston

    Dinane is a brilliant driving instructor who had the ability to increase my confidence levels before completing my test and helped me to overcome my nerves.

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  3. Natasha

    Diane and Chris worked a complete miracle. I was a very nervous and anxious driver and dreaded driving lesson day. With their calming and helping teqniques to help to overcome this fear of driving I did it and passed first time. Highly recomend l of a way to pass. Becaue without the work of these two people I definalty would not have passed that day I can’t thank them enough.

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  4. Danniella

    Diane’s techniques helped me so much to overcome my stress and anxiety about doing my test and I believe I would never would have passed without her! I would highly recommend doing this course or even using Diane as an instructor as you won’t regret it she’s amazing!!

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  5. Jade

    Nerves were a really big part in my driving. I put it off for 7 years as i was scared of getting into a drivers seat. , the theapy and techniques have helped me overcome my fears in different situation within driving and i am now confident and able to drive without been scared. You can also use the techniques for situations in daily life.I would definitely recommend,for me it has changed my whole perspective on driving.

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  6. Zara

    Not only do i use Diane’s techniques for my driving but for my day-to-day life. They are fantastic to reduce nerves and anxiety when learning to drive and have massively impacted my confidence in driving.

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  7. Sally

    Diane is an amazing driving instructor and therapist, she really knows what she is talking about. Most of us have nerves and anxiety when learning to drive. Diane taught me how to drive, but also how to deal with those nerves. She didn’t just teach me enough to pass my test, but using her expertise she actually taught me lifelong skills. Which is amazing, because once you’ve passed and you’re out on your own, those techniques are invaluable and I still use them now. I passed my test first time after 4 months of lessons, which I genuinely wasn’t expecting. And I honestly don’t believe I could have done that without her. Regardless of who your driving instructor is, whether it is Diane or someone else, her techniques and advice will still be invaluable during your learning to drive experience! I would honestly recommend Diane to anyone.

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  8. Lauren

    I am so grateful to Diane for her help. I know that using her techniques has saved me money from having to do as many repeat lessons. I really struggled with taking in and remembering everything because i was in such a state of panic when driving and doing manoeuvres. L of a way to pass helped me so much to calm down and 10-15 minutes between lessons doing what it says made so much difference in helping me progress… I was so stuck , not getting any better. It also helped with my trouble mixing up right and left. I dont think I would have been test ready ever without it!!!

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  9. Ed

    Suffering from anxiety is hard and every little mistake you do on the road can mean a flurry of emotions. Dianne is amazing and what she does and has many different strategies for everybody’s individual needs. Passed 1st time, 2 minors. Very highly recommended.

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  10. Kevin

    I have lived in tower block for 18 months and never been able go above the floor I live on (1st floor) due to my fear of heights. Thanks to diane and her techinques she had me on the 12 floor looking down between the stairs to see the bottom floor. If it can do that for me then just imagine what it can do for driveing nerves

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  11. Sophie

    I purchased the anxiety and nerves ebook as diane hall was very highly recommended and i suffer with general anxiety. I found the book insightful and easy to understand. I realised i had a bundle of negative thoughts and this was my chimp accessing my emotional computer. I was as a cool as a cucumber on my test and passed first time and it was definitely with help from this ebook. My old thought process my chimp was ( i will never pass, i cant do it, I can’t learn, im stupid, or a terrible accident/crash) so i fed the negative to my chimp. With the ebook i changed this thought process too (I may be nervous for my test and its a normal feeling but i have been taught to drive safe, i know my instructor wouldn’t have put me for my test if i wasn’t test ready as he’s assessed my driving and i just need to soothe my chimp that we can do this and we are going to be okay, because nothing dangerous is going to happen) and i passed first time. Id advise to read everyday and practise the techniques. It really works! Highly recommended.

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  12. Anugi

    After having a 7-month break from driving lessons (and only going for 7 lessons before that) I was nervous to start again. As soon as I met Diane I was a lot calmer, she has a very friendly manner that makes you excited about the lesson. During the first lesson I was getting nervous, especially with as it was busy on the road, so Diane helped me understand my chimp and how I can use it to my advantage. Now, I look forward to driving with Diane as she is reassuring, encouraging, and thorough with the teaching; I no longer feel like learning to drive is a ‘chore’. The techniques for nerves are useful and are transferable to other aspects, such as exams, work, etc. I would definitely recommend.

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  13. info5

    As a former DVSA Driving Examiner I am delighted to review Diane’s products. Since I returned to teaching last year, I have found many of my pupils quite debilitated by nerves and Diane’s courses and ebooks have provided a huge source of extra support and help. She is an asset to the industry and I recommend all those with tests, or exams in the offing to read and digest her materials.

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  14. jim.lancaster

    Having been a Driving Instructor for over 20 years I am a firm believer that 85%+ of what we think affects our chances of success in anything, not just the Driving Test.
    Although much of what Diane explains I have been using for years, she has a very clear and easily understandable way of delivering the message. Along with some techniques I was aware of but didn’t previously know much about let alone how to deliver, I wish I had looked into Diane’s methods sooner.
    I strongly recommend everybody studies Diane’s work whether it be to pass a test, to assist with teaching or to assist you along life’s journey.

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  15. Rogerio Pereira (verified owner)

    Im so happy with my purchase. Finally, there is renewed hope that my anxiety wont get the best of me on my next driving test. I also must mention how incredibly supportive and understanding Diane was. She listened and responded promptly to any concerns I had.
    Would happy recommend to anyone who needs a confidence boost when it comes to driving tests x

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