Driving Instructor Huge Bundle | By Diane Hall – Driving Test Nerves Specialist

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The Ultimate Driving Instructor Online Course:  Comprehensive information on how our mind’s work, how emotions affect us, and techniques to combat your own Standards Check nerves! Includes unlimited access to ALL the courses and eBooks shown below:

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  • Driving Instructor Online Course | Test Nerves Pass Part 3 & Standards Check
  • Fast Track to a Pass | Intensive Online Course to Pass Your Driving Test
  • Driving Test Nerves Online Course
  • Learn to Drive with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Online Course
  • Learn to Drive With Dyslexia & Dyspraxia eBook
  • Instructor Training Manual eBook
  • Part 2/3 & Standards Check Nerves & Anxiety eBook
  • Top 10 reasons for failure … and how to avoid them | eBook
  • Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety eBook
  • Preferred Learning Style Guide – Learn to drive


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This course gives an insight into how our mind’s work, along with unique techniques to help you produce confident, competent and safe drivers, banish test day nerves for your learners, & combat your own Part 3 & Standards Check nerves. You get FULL UNLIMITED access to the other L of a way 2 Pass courses:

Driving Test Nerves Online course: amazing techniques to enable learners to combat driving anxiety, Test Day Nerves, and sabotaging self talk – we all have learners who tell you how much they ‘hate’ something, and everything that will go wrong!

Fast Track 2 a Pass: Used along side lessons, helps learners to take more responsibility for their progress, to become safe and responsible drivers with your help. 

Learning to drive with dyslexia & dyspraxia: comprehensive advice from Colleen Pearson BA (Hons) (Open), MA (Lit) (Open), PGCE (FE/HE), Advanced CPD Performance Coaching and Mentoring, PG Cert SpLD (AMBDA), PG Cert DCD/Dyspraxia, SpLD APC  (Patoss). I taught Colleen to drive, and in addition to being a dyslexia assessor, is dyspraxic herself, and she shares a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you to help your learners. 

What you can expect from the course:

  • Eliminate fear, panic, intimidation, embarrassment etc
  • Increased Confidence, Competence and Self-Esteem
  • Greatly reduce and often eliminate test day nerves (for learners & instructors part 2/3/SC)
  • Stop ‘talking yourself into failure’ for instructors as well as learners!
  • Discover learning styles, so lessons can be tailored to specific needs
  • Help pupils to ‘master the manoeuvres’ between lessons
  • Enable your pupils to drive on test to the same standard as they do on lessons
  • Eliminate the huge amount of repetition during lessons
  • Never muddle up left/right
  • The Top Ten reasons for test failure – and how to avoid them
  • Test Day Stress Busters
  • Real life stories from learners  who’ve used the techniques



12 reviews for Driving Instructor Huge Bundle | By Diane Hall – Driving Test Nerves Specialist

  1. Naila Bibi

    There are some great resources within this bundle, I highly recommend it for learners who have driving anxiety or test nerves. This amazing bundle will help you to increase your confidence with your driving.

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  2. Kashif Aslam

    Thorough Knowledge on the Subject and a really good Bundle especially the one for Part 3. Keep up the Good work, our industry need this lift.

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  3. sagheda (verified owner)

    All under one roof !
    Nice bundle to pick you up and help at your fingertips 😉

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  4. John Atkinson-Brown DVSA ADI (verified owner)

    A note for all ADI’s, I recently attended Diane and Chris’s workshop covering Anxiety. What an eye opener! I can highly recommend it. It has changed the way I approach my pupils in regard to their thinking and just what is going on in their heads when they are in the car and how their feelings and emotions affect their learning. Along with this bundle of courses, I now feel confident that I am equipped with tools to help give support to pupils experiencing nerves and anxiety. I have a lot to learn and absorb and practise but at least I’m now on right track! Thanks Diane, Chris!

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  5. nichola_mcknight1 (verified owner)

    Diane and Chris were amazing! I’m a driving instructor and this course really opened my eyes, really helpful techniques to help with nerves and anxiety. We all know learning to drive can be hard but I know that the techniques that I learned on the course is something I will use everyday, even on myself. I would highly recommend doing this course it would benefit you and your pupils, it really makes you think on a different level. I can’t thank them enough.

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  6. David Allen

    Diane course was very useful. I never thought that TFT was going to work. Highly recommend this course who suffers from anxiety.

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  7. David Allen

    Diane’s course was useful. Never thought TFT was so effective. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who suffers from anxiety.

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  8. rogershepherd (verified owner)

    What a great package to invest in! The techniques are presented clearly and professionally in both the videos and ebooks, I’m really looking forward to using these with my pupils, I can’t thank Diane and her team enough. Rog.

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  9. Mark Sutcliff

    I started using the online course a few weeks ago and it’s reaping rewards already. TFT is amazing. All my pupils are now encouraged to do it. I’ve been struggling recently to get my pupils through the final phase of their development (Test day) and today it’s started to bear fruit. 2 first time passes for pupils who were really stressing out about taking their tests?? one of them being a clean sheet. Thank you so much Diane and the team. This is an invaluable tool that I’ll be using from now on.

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  10. Lee Jowett

    I recently attended Diane and Chris’s workshop in Manchester. I had attended it previously and it’s such a fantastic day of learning, presented brilliantly and so much fun. I must say the changes to the workshop and the new techniques developed by Diane and Chris have made the workshop even better. There’s added value with the online course and ebooks that can be purchased also and if like me, you’re extremely lucky, Diane might remove your anxieties towards public speaking!! I presented a BTEC4 two weeks after this course and thanks to Diane I’d gone from a nervous wreck! To a machine devoid of feelings ?. Such a strange reality on the day to feel….absolutely nothing. No nerves, no stress, no anxiety. Just completely level.

    Such a brilliant day…..we will be running another workshop March 2020.

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  11. Gregg Hewitt (verified owner)

    Searching was difficult to find such a well structure and round driver program

    Congratulations team a great asset

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  12. Andrew Davie (verified owner)

    Excellent service and great value for money

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